Episode 33: Menopause is not a mistake – The little talked about constraint to women’s visibility

This is a conversation to honor women and make visible a forgotten yet very important subject: menopause or more accurately, the menopause transition. 

Why are we talking about menopause and visibility? Well, the menopause transition affects all people with a uterus to a more or less important degree. There are at least 50 “symptoms” that women live with sometimes as early as 35. This impacts their lives, the lives of their loved ones, their careers, their employers. It has wide ranging impacts on society and yet….women are left to fend for themselves, doctors are not trained, employers are not informed. 

My guest Luce Beaulieu has made it her life mission to change this. 

In this wide ranging conversation, her and I talk about how to navigate this transition with love and understanding. 

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