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Over the years I have spoken to hundreds of women about the Imposter Syndrome and how it affects their brand, their leadership and generally their career. I have talked about personal branding as the activism that it is. Read on to find out what my current speaking topics are and what my clients are saying.

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A 1985 definition of Imposter syndrome describes it as an“internal experience of intellectual phoniness” (…) in individuals who are highly successful but unable to internalize their success” Imposter syndrome is unbelievably widespread. While it is a phenomenon that seems to be gender neutral in its prevalence, the way it hits is clearly more intense with women. Indeed, it meets a fertile ground of social, cultural and internalized norms and expectations in women’s lived reality. What is interesting though, is how we think about it, identify with it or not and ultimately reframe it. In a way, the idea is not to fight imposter syndrome (that is just exhausting), it is to question it, to reframe it and to back yourself up with data. “When in doubt, act.” (The Confidence Code) This talk approaches Imposter syndrome with a clear bias toward understanding, action and self-compassion.

Reframing imposter syndrome

This talk is an inspirational dive into personal branding as an act of ownership over one’s career trajectory. Personal branding has the benefit of making women think deeply about who they are, what value they bring, what they want to be known for and how they want to show up in the world. It forces alignment between values and action. It helps one stand out in the crowd in one's unique way.


“When women are the story tellers, the human story changes” Elizabeth Lesser

There is a misguided impression that networking is a distasteful mix of tepid cocktails, boring conversation, half-mastered elevator pitches and increased stress. Yet, your network might just be your most valuable professional asset. So, how do you build that network in a way that feels good, safe and “authentic” (oh that word again!!). This talk looks at the common hurdles (external and self-imposed) that women face when they attempt to build a valuable strategic network. Then we go into practical, innovative ways to get out there on your own terms and to make sure you are building a network that will work for you and for whom you are also an asset.


Is your communication style getting in the way of your brand?

Personal branding as activism

Reframing imposter syndrome

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what clients are saying


Shari graydon - informed opinions

Bibigi's deep knowledge, concrete stories and practical take-aways, complemented by her enormous warmth and charisma, are a powerful combination. she's an engaging speaker who delivers great value.

M. ROUSSEAU - Agropur

Bibigi was our guest speaker March 8 for the Women International Day. From the get-go, I knew that Bibigi messages were going to inspire us. She’s a source of inspiration; the feedback received after our webinar is that women felt inspired to own their development & tools provide were empowering. It was a pleasure to collaborate; would 100% recommend!

Junel popp - Next Lev’elles

It has been a real pleasure to have Bibigi come as a keynote speaker to talk about impostor syndrome. A real, vulnerable, engaging and authentic talk. Everyone in the audience felt connected to what Bibigi was saying, she was right on point and spoke with her heart and experience. I definitely recommend her :) Thank you Bibigi !

Adele Estrela - lifeworks

Bibigi is great to work with! She skillfully delivered a thought provoking keynote on Impostor Syndrome full of unique ideas and real life examples. The audience was touched and inspired.


Bibigi’s passion and energy are contagious even virtually which I have experienced through her “Personal Branding” workshop last year and once again earlier this month at the Career Development Fireside as a remarkable panelist. 

Her messages and tips are both insightful and practical which resonated with many of the attendees. The new angles and perspective Bibigi brought to the discussion helped generate self-reflection and certainly many aha moments. 

Thank you Bibigi for your leadership and influence! Please keep inspiring! 


Bibigi is a force when it comes to empowering women to realize their potential, step out of their comfort zones, embrace vulnerability, and make bold power moves. As one of our valued speakers Bibigi was a fast favourite and received rave reviews. Participants appreciate Bibigi’s expertise, content, delivery and her ability to connect with women at all stages of their careers. Bibigi is authentic and compassionate in her approach, and is a dynamic, articulate and knowledgeable speaker. A true gem in every sense of the word, Bibigi would help make any event an overwhelming success!


Bibigi is one of the most down-to-earth and truthful humans I've collaborated with. She delivers her message in such a relatable way that in a matter of minutes one identifies with her work while opening up the path to acceptance and self-improvement. 

The company sentiment was overwhelmingly positive. People at the company are still grateful for the learnings they took away on how to better cope with the impostor syndrome.

Listen to some of the podcast, media interviews or virtual talks I have given over the years

Practicing what I preach

Join Carol Cox on the Speaking Your Brand podcast as she chats with me about the power of being visible for women. I share my approach to helping women overcome imposter syndrome, personal branding, and becoming unapologetically visible in their careers. We also discuss the fears and doubts that come with visibility, the discomfort that comes with being curious, and the importance of supporting other women on their visibility path.



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Don't miss this inspiring conversation that will leave you feeling empowered to be visible in your own life and career.

This is an interview with Candace Sampson of What She Said talk. We explore the ways in which imposter syndrome shows up for women. How prevalent it is. What we can do about it. We make the difference between lack of confidence and imposter syndrome (spoiler alert - it isn't the same thing)

"Leaving imposter syndrome behind"

interview with Candace Sampson on
What she said talk

Sam and I are old friends. We have a tendency to go down rabbit holes and what starts out as a 30 minute conversation ends up as 3 or 4 follow up chats.
On this episode of Sam's Talent Talk, her and I discuss the constraints to women's visibility that I am seeing in my work. 
Keep listening for an aha moment Sam has during our chat

"constraints to women's visibility"

linkedin live with samantha bateman of integria consulting

Listen here 

Tune in to this high energy chat between Sylvia, Jenny and I, as we discuss the effect imposter syndrome might have on your personal brand. I bet you never asked yourself that question right. 
Well I do. A lot. In fact there is even a podcast episode on Speaking with Women about that very subject. 
Tell me, do you know how it is affecting your brand?

"How imposter syndrome affects your personal brand"

Interview on your next fifty

I chat with Karen of Small but Mighty Podcast about what it means to help women step into their professional power and why it is so important. 

"Helping women step into their power"

interview on small but mighty podcast

Dear Friend, 
Would you have ever imagined there was a link between imposter syndrome and dating?
I hate to break it to you but there is. 
Listen to the fabulous Anwar White and I discuss this on his "Get your Guy Coaching" podcast 

"imposter syndrome"

interview on get your guy coaching podcast

In this interview with the fabulous team of 52 weeks of Me, we talk about "what showing up really means, how group coaching and community learning benefits women, especially in networking and leveraging resources including brain power. How dealing with negative self-talk can limit or up women's sense of self-agency and why we should not believe most of it. How the language that we use makes the difference both in our perceptions and actions"
(Please note this text is copied from the 52 Weeks of Me podcast page)

"becoming unapologetically visible"

interview on 52 weeks of me

Listen here 

Join Debra and I, fellow podcasters as we talk about how I got into podcasting, why personal branding is important for women in the workplace and what is getting in the way. 

"Does branding really matter"

interview on have a seat conversation

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Jean-François Bertholet and I discuss the impacts on women of a culture of (over)collaboration. 

"les pièges de la collaboration"

(in french) interview on radio canada

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