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Shari graydon - informed opinions

Bibigi's deep knowledge, concrete stories and practical take-aways, complemented by her enormous warmth and charisma, are a powerful combination. she's an engaging speaker who delivers great value.

M. ROUSSEAU - Agropur

Bibigi was our guest speaker March 8 for the Women International Day. From the get-go, I knew that Bibigi messages were going to inspire us. She’s a source of inspiration; the feedback received after our webinar is that women felt inspired to own their development & tools provide were empowering. It was a pleasure to collaborate; would 100% recommend!

Junel popp - Next Lev’elles

It has been a real pleasure to have Bibigi come as a keynote speaker to talk about impostor syndrome. A real, vulnerable, engaging and authentic talk. Everyone in the audience felt connected to what Bibigi was saying, she was right on point and spoke with her heart and experience. I definitely recommend her :) Thank you Bibigi !

Adele Estrela - lifeworks

Bibigi is great to work with! She skillfully delivered a thought provoking keynote on Impostor Syndrome full of unique ideas and real life examples. The audience was touched and inspired.


Bibigi’s passion and energy are contagious even virtually which I have experienced through her “Personal Branding” workshop last year and once again earlier this month at the Career Development Fireside as a remarkable panelist. 

Her messages and tips are both insightful and practical which resonated with many of the attendees. The new angles and perspective Bibigi brought to the discussion helped generate self-reflection and certainly many aha moments. 

Thank you Bibigi for your leadership and influence! Please keep inspiring! 


Bibigi is a force when it comes to empowering women to realize their potential, step out of their comfort zones, embrace vulnerability, and make bold power moves. As one of our valued speakers Bibigi was a fast favourite and received rave reviews. Participants appreciate Bibigi’s expertise, content, delivery and her ability to connect with women at all stages of their careers. Bibigi is authentic and compassionate in her approach, and is a dynamic, articulate and knowledgeable speaker. A true gem in every sense of the word, Bibigi would help make any event an overwhelming success!


Bibigi is one of the most down-to-earth and truthful humans I've collaborated with. She delivers her message in such a relatable way that in a matter of minutes one identifies with her work while opening up the path to acceptance and self-improvement. 

The company sentiment was overwhelmingly positive. People at the company are still grateful for the learnings they took away on how to better cope with the impostor syndrome.

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A 1985 definition of Imposter syndrome describes it as an “internal experience of intellectual phoniness” (…) in individuals who are highly successful but unable to internalize their success” Imposter syndrome is unbelievably widespread. 
While it is a phenomenon that seems to be gender neutral in its prevalence, the way it hits is clearly more intense with women. Indeed, it meets a fertile ground of social, cultural and internalized norms and expectations in women’s lived reality. 

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Communication plays a pivotal role in our personal and professional lives, yet many women find themselves grappling with a persistent sense of unease when they interact with others in a professional setting. They may experience a lingering feeling that something is amiss, hindering them from communicating with clarity and conviction. 

Communications can feel like a game of risk management and the hesitation that comes with this feeling can undermine women’s leadership potential and hinder their ability to make a lasting impact.

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“When women are the storytellers, the human story changes” Elizabeth Lesser 

Throughout history, the voices of women have often been marginalized, resulting in an incomplete and unbalanced human narrative. 
Women's contributions to various fields have not received the recognition they deserve, hindering progress toward gender equality and social change. Lack of visibility and representation can limit the potential for women to perceive themselves as agents of positive transformation in their own lives and careers. 

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