Ep. 79 Healing through visibility with Katie Ploss

Quick head up, this episode contains mentions of sexual assault, death by suicide, and trauma.

This week, I have the pleasure of interviewing Katie Ploss, the podcast host of “Bitch, You Need to Hear This!” – a podcast celebrating the resiliency stories of everyday women. She shares heartbreak, trauma, and mental health struggles to inspire women facing similar challenges.Katie has worked as a school psychologist for five years and as a therapist for four years in a private psychology practice outside of Detroit. In 2022, Katie founded BU, a women’s wellness community. Join us as she discusses her journey of healing through visibility and how taking the risk of becoming more visible is worth – even when the rewards are unknown.

05:17 – Katie shares her motivation for starting her podcast and creating a safe space for women to share unfiltered stories.

08:46 – How naming her podcast, “Bitch, You Need to Hear this” caused some challenges, and how she embarked on a personal journey to redefine and repurpose the word”bitch”.

11:47 – Katie delves into her three-part series, “My Heartbreak Story,” and why she decided to start the podcast with this unique format.

17:52 – Katie explains her decision to share her healing journey from sexual assault and trauma openly instead of being shamed into silence.

23:05 – We explore the concept of being a “projector” and how it drives her desire to be seen and live authentically, despite the risk of rejection.

29:22 – Katie shares how she lost her job in a new school district due to her podcast’s title and her journey to pivot and explore new career avenues.

34:29 – She gives us insights into her pursuit of a doctorate degree and the establishment of the BU community.

40:15 – Reflecting on the impact of her podcast, Katie shares how embracing authenticity and vulnerability has led to personal growth and transformation in real time.

43:52 – Katie gives her three-minute advice for women wanting to be unapologetically visible, emphasizing the importance of charting one’s own path and overcoming the fear of rejection.

You can find Katie on Instagram, and on her website. Her podcast is also available on all platforms.

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