get unapologetically visible

Have other women on your side cheering you on.

Get radically clear on the value you bring and get confortable sharing it with the world.

Understand the societal and personal constraints you are dealing with that might be holding you back.

Try things out and see changes in your knowledge, mindset and toolkit 

Learn the tools of visibility in a stress free way, taking your time, and respecting your own pace.

What if you could...


Here is what I know to be true:
There is something you are uniquely suited to do and share with the world. The world cares and wants to hear about it.
Here is what else I know:
You can get really clear on what it is and put it out in the world in a way that feels good to you. 

Are you ready to do things on your own terms?

I see you.

 Here’s how, together, we can make this happen for you

Start from free and then move into the flow I have designed for you :

We start by hyper focussing on you with a one day Visibility Strategy Retreat followed by ongoing visibility implementation support both from me and from amazing women in the Reggies & Beauvoir community   

All my work is designed to help make this possible


Thanks so much for all your help Bibigi!

I got concrete, step-by-step ways of creating my branding. It was all broken down into bite-sized pieces so it was less intimidating, and actually exciting.

I actually just created and scheduled my first LinkedIn posts! Me, an introvert, who doesn't even comment on Facebook posts in my personal life. I love your empathetic, compassionate, and inspiring approach. You are extraordinarily skilled! 

get the ebook

  • What do you mean by visibility? 
  • Why does it even matter? 
  • What is Unapologetic Visibility?
  • How is it different from personal branding? 
  • Can't I just focus on doing great work?
  • How do I get started on my visibility journey?

How do I get started with unapologetic visibility?

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, this free eBook on Unapologetic Visibility is the resource for you. 
It is designed to support you with taking your place, finding your voice and stepping into your power. 

tell me more

Someone once told me in a virtual meet and greet "how much do I owe you?". That is how much value she got from a 30 minute meeting. Imagine what we can do in a full day session focussed just on you. Imagine what we can do when you are supported during 6 months with other women who have the same drive and vision that you do. Imagine what we can do with regular coaching and support from me. 

It doesn't take me long to see you and to mirror back the awesomeness I am seeing. I think having someone entirely focussed on you is an act of self-care.

A strategy session AND community accountability

Visibility strategy retreat 

Let me be that person and together we can propel your visibility to where you want it to be. What is your red thread? What assets can you build for yourself? What actions have the most impact? Where and how does it make sense for you to be visible?

Make a clone of you! you are awesome

E. Frederico

Bibigi is able to see things. She helped me bring out the skills and strengths I was unable to see. She helped me find my value, my zone of genius and to believe and trust what I bring to the table.