Ep. 78 Anniedi Essien: Sparkle, Swagger, and the Audacity to Succeed

In this week’s episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Anniedi Essien, the Chief Swagger Officer at Idem Spark. We delve into her remarkable journey from ascending the healthcare corporate ladder to embarking on her entrepreneurial venture. We discuss vital themes such as identity exploration, overcoming burnout, and personal reinvention, while emphasizing the importance of playfulness and crafting a personal brand that resonates deeply with clarity, impact, and soul. Join us as we explore how to navigate through the challenges of identity, burnout, and rebirth, and learn to dance to the rhythm of your own drum. This is a great episode for anyone considering entrepreneurship or seeking to create a new narrative in their life. I hope you enjoy it!

03:10 – Anniedi explains how she chose her title “Chief Swagger Officer” after reflecting her on a career peak that felt unfulfilling and deciding to reclaim her true identity after a layoff and burnout.

08:33 – On the shift that had to happen between being driven by her mother’s legacy, humanizing the U.S. health system, to creating her own legacy by diving into entrepreneurship

12:33 – Anniedi shares her transition from corporate to entrepreneurship, initially hesitant about corporate clients but later recognizing the potential impact. She reimagined her business model to focus on serving C-suite executives and women leaders, aiming to create positive change throughout organizations worldwide.

15:36 – I ask her what her biggest fear, and Anniedi answers that it was sharing her personal story and navigating the shift from working behind the scenes in corporate roles to being visible and authentic publicly.

19:11 – On how she embarked on a recovery journey by identifying the nine essentials of total health including physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, career satisfaction, financial stability, social connections, meaningful purpose, and playful living.

26:17 – Anniedi reflects on how the process of building her personal brand started from childhood, pitching B2B businesses with her family, highlighting the importance of introspection and leveraging lived experiences to create authentic connections.

31:25 – We discuss how to embrace entrepreneurship by diversifying income streams, clarifying our message and leveraging personal platforms like LinkedIn to establish authority, and open doors to corporate opportunities.

34:49 – On how taking the first step involves being willing to show up for yourself, even in the absence of an audience, believing that the planted seeds will reap results.

40:23 – Anniedi talks about how her Nigerian heritage influences how she presents herself in the world.

42:00- Her advice for women who want to be unapologetically visible: prioritize sustainability and authenticity, tailoring your approach to align with your energy and strengths, rather than conforming to traditional extroverted norms.

You can find Anniedi Essien on LinkedIn and on her website, SwaggerSchool for a complimentary training on how to take your B2B deals to the next level.

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