Ep. 82 A conversation on exploring visibility moves with Bibigi & Michaella

Join us for an inspiring conversation as Bibigi Haile takes the interviewee seat this week! Bibigi’s producer, Michaella Mutoni Dorvlo, interviews her about her recent experience speaking at the Women’s Empowerment Convention in Dubai. Bibigi also shares exciting news about the upcoming Visible Women Conference she’s organizing in Montreal this October. Discover how Bibigi is embracing visibility and big dreams in real time!

01:56 – We kick off the episode with Bibigi discussing her motivation for wanting to speak on international stages, and the journey to get there.

03:57 – Bibigi shares her reaction to receiving the invitation to speak at the Women’s Empowerment Convention in Dubai and her experiences there.

06:28 – A quick lesson on meeting your needs, in order to show up authentically.

10:47- Bibigi explains the genesis of the upcoming Visible Women Conference, including the challenges and strategies involved in organizing such an event.

14:10 – How Bibigi balances her high tolerance for risk with practical support systems to ensure success in her ambitious projects.

17:30 – On the power of regulating our nervous system and modelling our dreams to our loved ones.

21:25 – We end the episode with an invitation for listeners to join the Visible Women Conference, emphasizing its unique focus on visibility and empowerment for women.

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