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I believe the time has come for women to choose unapologetic visibility.

I am Bibigi

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Here is what we both know...

... You are pretty good at what you do, and yet you still feel like there's more out there. I know I did. I felt stuck and unfulfilled. I knew I needed a 'next step', but I wasn’t even sure where to start, let alone how.

Like you, I wanted more, I wanted options, I wanted opportunities, and I did not want to struggle.

Cue unapologetic visibility

I am on a mission to make that happen by helping you gain the knowledge, mindset and tools to help you step into your best career and visibility game.

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  • What do you mean by visibility? 
  • Why does it even matter? 
  • What is Unapologetic Visibility?
  • How is it different from personal branding? 
  • Can't I just focus on doing great work?
  • How do I get started on my visibility journey?

How do I get started with unapologetic visibility?

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, this free eBook on Unapologetic Visibility is the resource for you. 
It is designed to support you with taking your place, finding your voice and stepping into your power. 

Love Notes



Bibigi is able to see things. She helped me bring out the skills and strengths I was unable to see.  She helped me find my value, my zone of genius and to believe and trust what I bring to the table.

Make a clone of you!!! You are awesome!


....where I wanted to go and the changes I needed to make to get there. She is both passionate and knowledgeable about what she does and it comes through. Having taken part in her group program, I can attest to her ability to build genuine relationships with all participants all the while remaining extremely professional.

Within 30 minutes of our initial consultation, Bibigi had understood who I was...

She excels in being genuine, authentic and vulnerable and these qualities help make her community invaluable! She is an absolute pro at what she does. 

Bibigi is an excellent coach and community builder.

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Here is a playlist to get you started...our most popular episodes and the ones that will get you breaming with possibilities and ready to get started!

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- Nic_DSR SWW listener

"My house has never been cleaner and my brain is firing on all cylinders with a wealth of ideas and possibilities"

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