Voices and Visibility has been the only time I've ever made progress on my own story and my own sense of clarity. I've always put this work off for myself and, until V&V, it's felt too daunting. Doing this work in connection with others has been a game changer. Also, the consistency, over a stretch of time, has given me the structure I've needed to make progress. 

Love Notes


As women in leadership or in business, we have been told that in order to get ahead, we need to develop our leadership skills, become strategic negotiators, master executive presence, build a network...all the things.
But I think the little known secret is "everything you want is on the other side of visibility" 
Unapologetic visibility is your insurance plan for your future. It is what will make it possible for you to leverage all those years of experience and expertise. 
It will open the door to a future on your own terms. 

Are you ready? Because I am.
I am here to help you create that future.

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There is a quote I love
"Everything you want is on the other side of fear"

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Love Notes



She helped me bring out the skills and strengths I was unable to see.  She helped me find my value, my zone of genius and to believe and trust what I bring to the table.

Bibigi is able to see things.

....I came in feeling like I was bouncing between floating chunks of ice that felt unsteady below my feet. I left feeling like I was standing on much more solid ground, like those chunks of ice solidified into a more concrete whole.

Tie all of the aspects of my professional life together into a cohesive narrative



This also helps develop a robust roadmap of where, how and who you want to attract from a career portfolio perspective.

This is the best investment you can make to tool yourself for a thriving career

1:1 advisory for women leaders

Voices & Visibility 

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Joining V&V helped me get started on all my ideas in a community of like-minded women whose inspiration and aspirations helped create generative discussions and led to me actioning my wishlist and stop procrastinating.

With an incredible facilitator like Bibigi who carefully balances structure with flow, V&V has helped me move forward in a way that I could not have done on my own.

Thank you Bibigi!