Ep. 81 Why Women Should Brag More with Lisa Bragg

In this week’s episode, I speak with Lisa Bragg, an expert who has transformed her last name into a mission for personal and professional empowerment. Lisa, unafraid to confront the backfire of humility, brings to light the universal challenges and regional nuances of self-advocacy. With her groundbreaking research—the world’s most extensive study on bragging and self-promotion— Lisa shares invaluable insights and strategies for redefining bragging as a proud and self-loving act.

03:04 – Lisa Bragg reveals how her last name inspired the title of her book, “Bragging Rights,” and discusses its impact on her life and career.

05:05 – We explore the intricate relationship between humility and self-promotion and learn how to reframe these concepts positively.

08:21 – Lisa emphasizes the importance of starting early with small steps on platforms like LinkedIn is crucial for long-term relationship building and trust.

12:04 – Gain insights into Lisa’s international study on self-promotion, focusing on how power, societal and cultural norms affect women’s self-advocacy.

23:36 – Addressing gender disparities, Lisa shares strategies from her research to help women articulate their achievements confidently.

31:17 – We discuss practical tips and strategies for effectively promoting your successes in the workplace.

33:58 – Lisa recounts her journey from leveraging her last name to spearheading innovative projects in media and entrepreneurship.

37:11 – Lisa’s advice for women on being assertively visible without facing backlash, and how to navigate the double standards in professional environments.

41:23 – Closing thoughts on fostering a community that supports and normalizes women celebrating their professional achievements.

You can find Lisa on her websiteLinkedIn, and Instagram

Lisa Bragg’s Listener note, Bragging Rights : https://www.lisabragg.com/listener-love

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