Ep. 80 Building Self-Trust and Consistency as an Empowered Introvert with Emma-Louise Parkes

In this week’s podcast, we delve into the inspiring journey of Emma-Louise Parkes, CEO of the Ambitious Introvert, from introverted air traffic controller to thriving entrepreneur. Discover how Emma navigated her identity shift from full-time employment to business owner, built a business based on her values, and leveraged her background to excel in coaching. This episode is a masterclass for entrepreneurs in trusting themselves, overcoming the noise around them, and navigating the complexities of a career transition. I hope you enjoy it!

04:08 – Emma Louise explains her decision to focus on introverts: deep thinkers who wished to share their work without seeking the spotlight.

08:07 – We explore how Emma Louise built a marketing strategy that aligned with her energy, by focusing on consistently writing a weekly newsletter.

12:38 – She shares how her passion from mentoring and teaching in her career as an air traffic controller, led to her further exploring psychology and coaching.

15:16 – Discover how Emma Louise recognized the transferability of her skills, including strategic thinking and communication, facilitating her transition into coaching.

18:12 – Emma Louise shares her insights on adapting offerings and programs as her business evolved.

25:12 – On how her podcast has served as a great marketing tool and platform for valuable conversations, and her transition from interviews only to a mix of interviews and solo episodes.

30:31 – Emma Louise discusses the importance of energy management in her business, and how to build sustainable strategies to avoid burnout.

38:04 – We end the episode with Emma Louise sharing her advice for being unapologetically visible.

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