Episode 63: Strategic and creative visibility with Helene Blanchette

In this week’s episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Helene Blanchette, a global senior executive with a diverse and rich career that spanned around the world.

She is a sought-after coach-guide for women ascending in senior leadership positions, a consultant and an entrepreneur in partnership with medical professionals. 

We discuss the importance of being a corporate athlete and how to demonstrate the unique value proposition that you bring to the table. This episode is filled with actionable gems, and it was a coaching moment for me as well – I hope you enjoy it!

07:43 – Helene shares her background and the reason behind referring to her clients as “corporate athletes.”

09:08 – She walks us through her career journey, emphasizing the need for rest and resetting every five years to strategically progress.

19:26 – Helene shares her experience of moving to Asia despite health challenges and how she rebuilt her reputation by studying the market needs and applying a strategic approach.

20:27 – I ask Helene about strategies women can use to showcase the value they bring to their work and how to craft a compelling story that highlights their abilities.

23:21 – We deep dive on the significance of developing a clear and memorable message to describe the unique contributions women bring to the table.

24:55 – Helene discusses how fear can be reframed by shifting the focus to the value women bring within the broader organizational context.

26:51 – Helene describes her perspective on being strategic, which involves cultivating curiosity, thinking like a leader, and leading with clear intention and solutions.

35:10 – We delve into the coaching process and the importance of recognizing where individuals are at and meeting them there to facilitate growth.

39:28 – Helene shares an example of a client who used a strategy called “kitchen visibility” to capture the attention of her leadership, highlighting the lessons we can learn from it.

45:00 – We conclude the episode with Helene sharing her three minutes of advice on how to be unapologetically visible: bubbling strengths, aligning them with the right people, and showcasing expertise.

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