Episode 64: How to get on corporate boards with Lesley Antoun

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Lesley Antoun, an accomplished executive, leadership coach, consultant, and speaker. This conversation takes us in an interesting direction with visibility. We look at how to get on a corporate board.

I think all women should start thinking about whether they want to get on a corporate board at some point in their career and start crafting a strategy to do that. 

So I am really excited to have Lesley on the podcast to talk about all things board. We go from the very strategic to the very tactical and I am sure you will learn so much from my conversation with Lesley.

With over 25 years of experience in strategic planning, program management, and stakeholder engagement, Lesley has worked with a wide range of organizations, including multinationals, private corporations, governments, First Nations groups, and non-profits. 

She’s also an active board director and external advisor, alongside running her boutique consulting and coaching practice.

04:43 – Lesley starts us off by doing a land acknowledgment and explaining why this is important to her

09:30 – We then discuss her personal evolution from starting her career as a mechanical engineer and eventually leading her own consulting practice.

13:30 – We dive into her transition into board positions, and the importance of conducting research to understand the available options.

16:23 – Lesley highlights the contrasting dynamics between for-profit and non-profit boards, exploring the unique responsibilities that board directors hold in each setting.

21:56 – She shares how women can prepare for board positions by understanding their specific skillsets, and the skills matrix that the corporate boards need.

30:39 – Lesleys explains the difference between a board CV and a regular resume, and how it can help showcase your qualifications.

32:01 – Lesley gives us an insight into how boardroom conversations unfold and how directors diligently prepare for these crucial discussions.

39:03 – We discuss the drawbacks of pre-wiring within boards and how to foster healthy communication and collaborations.

44:28 – Lesley leaves us with some advice on how to become unapologetically visible by: investing in yourself, embracing opportunities, and persistently pursuing board positions.

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