Episode 62: Let it be easy with Kristin Carver

Welcome to this week’s episode! 

I had the privilege of interviewing Kristin Carver Smith, the brilliant mind behind The New Fashioned Co, a leading public relations (PR) firm. Over the past decade, Kristin has assisted clients from diverse industries in developing successful business strategies, communication plans, and publicity campaigns. Her clients have partnered with globally recognized brands, appeared at prestigious conferences, and been featured in major media outlets such as ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s TODAY,and The Washington Post. 

Trust me, this conversation left me speechless at times, and I have a feeling you’ll find it just as enjoyable and enlightening.

08:05 – Kristin defines what PR is for her, and shares her vision for a sustainable PR industry that empowers professionals and talents without compromising well-being.

11:12 – We discuss how in the search of balance, Kristin discovered how PR and marketing seamlessly blend together, leading to the creation of her agency.

15:14 – We explore the key ingredients for building deep and meaningful relationships in all areas of our lives.

21:49 – Kristin explains her zone of genius and walks us through a client’s PR strategy as a practical example.

26:01 – We delve into the circumstances that prompted Kristin to host a live session on Facebook, where she openly discussed industry challenges

30:39 – Kristin shares insights on incorporating life into our exposure timelines, emphasizing the need to create room for processing and experiencing real-life events

33:25 – Witness the powerful moment when Kristin pivoted from her prepared speech, creating a profound connection.

37:43 – The moment where I’m too stunned to speak, and the role of community in overcoming fear and embracing authenticity.

42:39 – We conclude with Kristin’s three valuable pieces of advice for women seeking to embrace visibility.

To learn more about Kristin, you can find her on The New Fashioned Co.

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