Episode 61: Meaningful breaks with Shonda Moralis

In this week’s episode I have the pleasure of speaking with Shonda Moralis. 
Shonda is a psychotherapist coach, and an award-winning author who is on a mission to help busy moms create sustainable life balance. She’s written two books that have amazing names: “Breathe Mama Breathe” and “Don’t forget to breathe”. Shonda and I have a beautiful chat about the importance of mindfulness breaks and self-care, particularly for mothers, and discuss strategies in finding moments of calm and balance amidst busy lives.

06:51 – I welcome Shonda and she explains the work that she does as a psychotherapist and life coach for busy moms

07:56 – Shonda talks about “Don’t forget to breathe” and the three types of mindful breaks that we need: breathe breaks, becoming breaks, and balance breaks

12:00 – We discuss the focus on women in our work, and the specific societal pressures that women and especially mothers face in the workplace

14:35 – I ask Shonda to define what mindfulness means to her, and she shares how we can practice it with kindness and compassion

18:48 – Shonda explains the triangle of awareness and explains how thoughts, body sensations, and emotions interconnect and influence each other

26:36 – We talk about the need to acknowledge and counteract negative emotions with self-compassion and kind self-talk

29:57 – Shonda shares an example of a bathroom break as a way to engage in self-check-ins on the go, and emphasizes the importance of intentional pauses

33:55 – Advice on how to start mindfulness with small shifts and actions, having patience, and giving ourselves self-support

38:17 – We end the episode with Shonda sharing her three minutes of advice for women: grounding oneself in values, embracing discomfort, and empowering others through sharing experiences

To learn more about Shonda, you can find her on her websiteLinkedIn, and Instagram

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