Episode 60: Salt & Boundaries with Kimberley John-Morgan

Join me this week for an insightful conversation with Kimberley John-Morgan, a Black workforce advocate and equity writer. With 20 years of experience as a career counselor in community in higher education settings, Kimberly is well versed in challenging the rhetoric of organizations that fail to move past their longstanding performative practices, offering a distinct blend of truth, salt, and humor. In this episode, we explore how Kimberley fearlessly addresses sensitive subjects that others may consider risky, and the importance of setting authentic boundaries despite the challenges. I hope you enjoy our conversation!

04:06 – Kimberley introduces herself and her work as a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) content writer. She shares how she started both Salt Box and the Lunch Counter

06: 07 – She explains her focus on helping Black people and people of the global majority first as a DEI advocate, and her point of view on the challenges of being a visible person of color in the mainstream.

10:24 – We discuss the possibility of safety for people of color in the mainstream, and dive deeper into Kimberley’s writing through Salt Box

14:11 – Kimberley reflects on her beginnings as a career counselor helping newcomers to Canada adjust, and how it has evolved into a greater equity conversation

16:52 – We talk about Kimberley’s experience with ghostwriting, and the pivot that she made once she realized that allies were not ready to speak out

20:06 – Kimberley shares how the Lunch Counter was created as a safe space for Black people to discuss their experiences with racism and micro-aggressions in the workplace

22:55 – We explore Kimberley’s two public sides: her tender side for people facing discrimination and her boundary-full side for people with privilege

25:33 – The concept of boundaries is discussed, along with the ongoing process of establishing them and how this can cause shifts in relationships

30:15 – Kimberley shares her advice on becoming unapologetically visible, emphasizing the importance of self-knowledge and clarity on the message one wants to share

34:22 – We end the episode with a discussion on finding rest in our days, and the importance of allowing our audience to sip our content slowly

You can find Kimberley on LinkedIn, her work at Junxure Consulting and more of her writing on Salt Box

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