Episode 59: Your story matters “there is work to do”

This episode is very close to my heart because (1) it was practically a download and (2) it is about stories, specifically women’s stories, and why they matter.

I want to dedicate this episode to a dear friend who believes her story doesn’t matter, and to all the women who have shared their stories with me, only to later decide that they weren’t worth telling.

I’d like to start by recommending the book “Cassandra Speaks: When Women are the Storytellers, the Human Story Changes.” It’s a powerful read that highlights the impact of the stories we tell on culture and how that has affected women.

In this episode, I want to explore why your story matters. I’ll share three reasons why I believe this to be true. We’ll also look at some of the obstacles that might be preventing you from sharing your story, and how to reframe your thoughts around this.

I want us all to agree that visibility is activism and that your voice matters.

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