Episode 58: Playing the long game with Susan Prince

In this special episode, I am thrilled to share the story of my client Susan. Susan is the perfect case study. She used her visibility to create the professional reality she wanted for herself. She also did this by playing the long game. Identifying the professional risks she was facing by being invisible and putting in place a strategy and a plan to future proof her career. Today she works in a space she loves that utilises her gifts, she is able to clearly articulate her value (in fact she smoothly integrated it in our interview).

Susan is really a dear dear client of mine and someone who makes me proud to say this work has impact and that women deserve to live their professional life on their own terms.

09:25 – Susan shares her story of pivoting her career while caring for her sick husband, showing us how she balanced her personal responsibilities with her career aspirations.

14:24 – We explore the concept of risk management and discuss the importance of taking small, conscious steps in a society that favours immediate gratification.

19:28 – Susan explains how she decided to enroll in 1000 Women, 1000 Voices when she realized that she was invisible despite being a broadcast host

23:40 – We learn how Susan leveraged LinkedIn as a tool to articulate her values and goals for career advancement

27:59 – Susan describes how she felt much more at ease during her first job interview after working with me

36:05 – She reflects on her childhood experiences, and on finding self-worth without seeking external validation

40:28 – We discuss the lessons learned from Susan’s attempt to become a Rhodes Scholar and the importance of seeking guidance and support from others.

42:49 – We talk about the pendulum of confidence and how women can embrace their strident side.

46:55 – Susan ends the episode by encouraging us to be fearless in taking pleasure in our expertise and to remember that being on the right career path should feel easy and good.

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