Episode 57: Stop searching for your purpose

IHave you been desperately seeking purpose?

(If you get the reference in that title, you are my people…or maybe just my age)

Have you reached that phase in your life when you feel like there has to be something more? Where you are wondering “what’s next”? 

Are you feeling antsy and annoyed with where you are at in your life (even if outwardly it looks great) 

Spoiler alert, I don’t think this pursuit is particularly useful, in fact I think it might be downright harmful keeping us simultaneously spinning and stuck.

In this episode I want to question the usefulness of this pursuit and explore how the search for purpose can lead to a black-and-white worldview that doesn’t allow for play, experimentation, or change.

And because I do want to be a useful contributor to the conversation rather than saying “this sucks” and not giving an alternative, I have an alternative for you. One that has worked for me and helped me find a sense of purpose (hint hint)

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