Episode 50: On making bold visibility moves and discovering LinkedIn with Courtney Loechl

On this week’s episode, I speak with Courtney Loechl. Courtney is so many things amongst which an inspiring speaker and engaging storyteller. I met Courtney on LinkedIn after she shared an interview of herself – that went viral. You will discover how she went from not being on LinkedIn at all to building a presence and a community, and now encouraging others to do the same. I really loved this interview as we explored the different layers of visibility, and I hope you come away feeling inspired.

06:55 – Courtney shares her background and what a Make Shit Happen coach does

12:18 – She explains the difference between being consistent and being constant, and how this perspective can change our approach to progress

14:00 – I ask Courtney about her childhood, and she tells me stories of selling door to door to her neighbours

17:57 – Her famous LinkedIn story: how she initially created an account to look for a new career opportunity, and posted a video interview to apply for a job she really wanted

30:10 – On how LinkedIn has now become her number one platform, and how she embraced being active by finding like minded individuals

35:56 – On her journey to visibility and the questions she asks herself when creating content on LinkedIn

41:21 – Courtney’s advice for women on how to be unapologetically visible and lessons learned

44:49 – We end on a mini-rant on how LinkedIn is for everyone, and how we can use the platform to discuss every day topics.

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