Episode 49: What you want matters – Why self-importance is a critical step in a visibility journey

Remember when Michelle Yeoh won the Golden Globes and she said “Shut Up” when the music turned on to nudge her off the stage?

Remember that jolt of enthusiasm laced with fear that we all felt?

Remember when Kamala Harris said “Mr. Vice-President, I am speaking”?

Remember that internal deafening cheer that rose in all our chests: I AM SPEAKING!

And the memes. Oh the memes.

You know why we felt that? Because we were vicariously living what it felt like to affirm that what we have to say matters.

Today’s episode of Speaking with Women is about that concept of self-importance. 

This idea that
what we feel matters,
what we want matters,
what we have to say matters,
what we want to experience matters.

And it is a critical part of our visibility journey. Tune in to find out why. 

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