Episode 51: Learning how to tell stories about power with our voices with Samara Bay

Join me on this week’s episode as I interview Samara Bay, a dialect coach and author of “Permission to Speak.” Samara is on a mission to revolutionize public speaking by throwing light on the invisible voice biases that hold us back, and changing the perception of power through voice. She coaches movie stars, politicians, business leaders, and marginalized speakers to use their voices effectively in moments that matter.

In this episode, we dive into the topic of power through our voices. We discuss the biases that our voices are met with and the impact of these biases. Samara shares her expertise on how to use your voice to its full potential, and she explores the importance of examining traditional notions of leadership and authority.

04:23 – Samara introduces herself, the pivot that shifted her perspective on dialect coaching in 2018, and the impact that stories can have on our visibility

08:35 – Samara shares how her experience in theater has given her a unique perspective on public speaking, and how she aims to help individuals express their thoughts more authentically

14:55 – On the Princeton call that changed her life trajectory, made her realize there was something to explore here, and that ultimately led her to write her book.

20:10 – I ask her what led her to keep saying yes to opportunities in 2018, and she shares how she practices what she preaches when coaching

23:44 – We delve into the topic of owning our voice story, and Samara explains how we can harness its power to bring about the change we want to see.

31:18 – Samara shares her vision for the future of her work beyond the book, and where listeners can find free resources to continue learning about this topic

40:09 – We discuss Samara’s feelings on the release of her book and her hopes for the impact it will have on the conversation around voice and power

You can find Samara and her book Permission to Speak on her websiteTwitter, and Instagram

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