Episode 48: Building visibility through expertise and thought leadership with Tamara Close

On this episode, I speak with Tamara Close, the Founder & Managing Partner of Close Group Consulting. I have known her for more than 10 years, and she has become a close friend of mine. Tamara is an amazing example of someone who understood the interaction of her strengths, her interests and what the market needed and stepped into that. I really recommend you find her on LinkedIn and follow her to see how visibility is done right.

If you are in the financial industry or have any interest in Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)…this is a don’t miss episode.

3:15 – Tamara shares with us what she remembers from her childhood, playing sports, and trying to fit in different groups

7:24 – I ask her what her sweet spot subject is, and how that led to her current career path in ESG

10:12 – Tamara tells us how she decided to start her own firm, and the type of work that they offer

16:37 – She explains why they decided to create proprietory tools and offer deeper solutions to their clients

You can find Tamara on LinkedIn, and her company: Close Group Consulting

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