Episode 42: Unmistakably Outspoken: Martine St-Victor, Columnist, General Manager Edelman

On this episode, I speak with Martine St-Victor, and I was just mind-blown by our conversation and the gems that she dropped throughout.

Martine St-Victor is a communications strategist and the managing director of the Montreal office of Edelman, which, with more than 60 offices, is the largest communications firm in the world. Martine writes for La Presse, for the Montreal Gazette and is a contributor to Radio-Canada and the CBC. A member of various boards of directors (Musée d’Art contemporain de Montréal, the Fondation du Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie, the KANPE Foundation, The Institute for Research on Public Policy), Martine is also one of the founding members of the Black Opportunity Fund.

Martine’s Word: Outspoken

  • 04:08 – Martine explains her childhood and how in grade 3, she chose her piano as her best friend
  • 08:34 – On how she developed an interest in different topics very early on, and how her parents helped her cultivate an interest in news
  • 10:15 – On how Martine became THE Martine St-Victor that we know today, and how 5-year plans are not a great idea
  • 13:13 – The moment that made her decide to start her own PR firm, and focus on pop culture
  • 19:33 – How Martine always keeps on top of trends and where the world is going
  • 21:28 – On the different perspectives that Martine brings to the table as a Black woman, a woman in business, a child of an immigrant, etc…
  • 30:19 – On what makes her indignant in this world, and the treatment of refugees in this world
  • 35:11 – Martine tells us about the power of building community and her different involvements in Haiti
  • 42:42 – Her key takeaway: Everything is in the matter. It’s easier to dine the person than to punch them in the nose.

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