Episode 43: Unmistakably Bold: Damaly Shepherd, Portrait and Branding Photographer

On today’s episode, I am speaking with Damaly Shepherd, a published photographer, writer, and coach whose mission in life is to help women take the next step and share their gifts with the world.

Damaly specializes in creating fun and luxurious experiences to help bring out the best in each of her clients. And when she isn’t doing that she coaches business owners on how powerful their words can be so that they show up, share more and create the impact they crave.

Damaly’s word: Unmistakable Boldness

I first discovered Damaly’s work through a business network of entrepreneurs that we both belonged to, and I began to follow her on Facebook.

There was something about her photography that was powerful and compelling. Each woman that she photographed, I could see, I could tell that this woman was seen by Damaly’s lens.

Eventually, Damaly started to write and share her vision, her process. And it is no surprise that her words were just as compelling as her photography. Both her work and her person are such an embodiment of my vision for unapologetic visibility.

3:57 – Damaly introduces herself in her own words, her personality as a child, and how she is coming back to herself

8:36 – I ask about her experience before, working two jobs, and how she transitioned to photography full-time

14:55 – Damaly explains more about how she developed her photography style, and how she wants women to feel seen

19:15 – On how she builds trust to enable women to feel comfortable and flow into the photography session

23:15 – She talks about her transition into coaching, and the coach that she always was naturally

29:13 – On how she manages fear, acknowledging her gremlins, and allowing them to coexist with her dreams

32:57 – Damaly recognizes the evolution of her work, and how she learned to accept whatever stage she was in at the moment

35:20 – Her 3 takeaways: Be honest with yourself; what do you want, give permission to yourself to want it, give yourself permission to have it

You can find Damaly on LinkedInInstagramFacebook, and on her website

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