Episode 41: Unmistakably Steadfast: Katharine Evans, Partner Boreala Management

On today’s episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Katharine Evans. She is a partner and co-owner of Boreala Management.

A passionate consultant and management professional with more than 20 years of experience, Katharine has worked with clients ranging from global organizations to small family-owned businesses as well as public-sector entities. Recognized for her honesty and integrity, Katharine is a seasoned facilitator who can engage individuals at all levels of an organization thereby helping them achieve their immediate and long-term goals.

Katharine’s Word: Steadfast

When we think of ambition or when we think of growth, when we think of doing great things, there seems to be an energy attached to what we imagine that might look like, an intensity. But what I love about the conversation that you’re about to discover is that it’s possible to be all those things and to do it in a way that looks like you and that feels right to you, and that’s what Katherine does.

03:43 – Kate shares her childhood experience exploring her curiosity, and leveraging humor to get out of trouble

06:20 – She explains how she got into her current career path from a degree in Hispanic Literature

13:44 – On trust as a key element of her leadership style, and how Kate built it as a result of her past experiences

15:32 – Kate shares her experience acquiring her partnership in Boreala Management right before the pandemic, and how they worked to keep team morale up

20:12 – I ask her about where her spirit of entrepreneurship comes from, and how she manages both the internal and external aspects of running a firm

24:00 – Kate explains how she grew to embrace who she was, and her leadership style

26:43 – Her key takeaways: stay true to yourself, build trust, and have compassion

You can find Katharine on LinkedIn, and at her company: Boreala Management

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