Ep. 71 “I come from strength” Manifesting visibility with Rohene Bouajram

Today’s episode of Speaking with Women is with Rohene Bouajram who was a participant in the summer session of Voices & Visibility. Until very recently, I never asked my clients to do case studies like this and in fact I did not even ask for testimonials!!! I thought it was me being discreet, respectful or even (ugh) humble. But truly, it was another rung in my own visibility ladder that I was not ready to climb. Rohene came to the program with 20 years of experience in higher education. She wanted to figure out her next steps, and I can’t wait for you to hear from her how the program has helped bring clarity and fuelled her next steps into her journey.

04:38 – Rohene begins the interview with a land acknowledgment, explaining its significance to her and why it might be a potential challenge for many people.

09:11 – She delves into her impressive 20-year career in higher education, highlighting her growth, diverse experiences, leadership roles, and her exceptional ability to connect with people.

12:38 – I ask Rohene about her career transition journey, exploring the pivotal moment when she realized it was time for a change and what fueled that desire.

17:36 – Rohene shares the value that she received from the 5-hour strategy session that we had together, before the beginning of the program.

19:10 – Rohene elaborates on how working with Voices and Visibility, enabled her to structure her ideas into a clear framework that she plans to use to create various products such as workshops, presentations, and keynote speeches.

29:26 – Highlights of Rohene’s positive journey with the Voices & Visibility group, emphasizing the immense value of collective learning among women and how shared perspectives have deepened her understanding.

35:50 – Rohene shares her vision for Unspeakable Leadership, rooted in the influence of strong matriarchal figures from her upbringing. She discusses her mission to recognize and support the leadership of women of color.

44:22 – On how Rohene overcame her initial reservations about LinkedIn by viewing it as a systematic platform aligned with her background in enhancing systems for effectiveness.

50:04 – Rohene opens up about two key challenges in her journey: the balance between self-discipline and seeking external validation, and how a straightforward time management tip propelled her forward.

53:14 – We discuss the importance of not being the sole source of answers but rather empowering women to take the time to find their own path and what works for them.

58:28 – Rohene concludes the episode by unveiling her goal of launching a podcast in the fall of 2023. She also shares a concise three-minute piece of advice for women aspiring to embrace unapologetic visibility.

A lot of love went into this episode

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