Ep. 70 How to build a life you love by trusting your gut with Lindsay Lashell

This week I have the pleasure of speaking with Lindsay Lashell, a marketing activist and founder of Open Lines Marketing. Lindsay’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, the value of iteration, and the importance of clear communication. Join me this week as we explore her unique insights on delegation, empowerment, and the changing landscape of social media marketing. I had so much fun on this episode, and I hope you leave the episode feeling empowered to trust your instincts and unapologetically embrace your path to success!

06:12 – Lindsay defines herself as a marketing activist, and explains how she uses marketing to promote justice and equity, focusing on underserved individuals and organizations.

09:00 – She discusses her journey from being a teacher to entering the marketing world, emphasizing her tendency to follow the “next right thing.”

17:10 – Lindsay shares her framework and how her business evolved over time, from a marketing agency to a consulting model.

20:56 – I ask her about her Intellectual Property (IP), and she explains how it began through a collaboration with another agency, and how that provided the groundwork for a restructuring.

24:52 – Lindsay emphasizes the importance of not waiting for perfection and the significance of starting something to create momentum.

31:43 – We discuss the importance of delegation in the context of women navigating the balance between likability and effectiveness.

35:18 – Lindsay introduces her delegation script that prioritizes clarity in roles and expectations, whether one is the “asker” or the “doer”, highlighting its versatility in various interactions.

39:26 – She challenges the notion that everyone must be on social media, advocating for efficiency and audience-centric strategies.

43:47 – Lindsay shares her three-minute advice for women who want to be unapologetically visible: trust your gut, embrace your authenticity, and stop conforming to others’ expectations.

You can find Lindsay on LinkedIn, and on her website Open Lines.

Here’s her $10 Social Media content course on how to walk away without sacrificing opportunity.

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