Ep. 69 40 things that scare the c* out of you with Michelle Osbourne

This week I have the pleasure of speaking with Michelle Osbourne, also known as Uncomfortable Bliss. Michelle is a passionate communications professional, educator, and change agent dedicated to empowering marginalized communities and building socially conscious brands. From discussing her journey of self-discovery to managing trolls on social media, Michelle shares valuable insights on embracing authenticity and becoming unapologetically visible.

05:11 – Michelle delves into the space between her public persona on social media and her private, everyday life, explaining how she launched her platform as a response to the George Floyd incident, seeking to create positive change and empowerment.

09:18 – She reveals how the end of her marriage served as a transformative catalyst, motivating her to live authentically as she approached her 40s.

11:55 – Michelle likens life before 40 as a dress rehearsal, and emphasizes the incredible opportunities that emerge with age.

14:25 – I ask Michelle to take us back to the beginning of her career, and to explain how she first started her career in finance and accounting, and the pivot to community work and marketing.

20:30 – Michelle explains how she tapped into her authenticity by embracing a “zero fucks” mindset, facing her past traumas and removing unnecessary clutter and people from her life.

27:26 – On how Michelle discovered her authenticity through action, trying out 40 things before her 40th birthday, and embracing what worked while leaving behind what didn’t.

30:49 – Michelle addresses the sense of disconnect that can arise as we evolve through life, and offers guidance on how to manage that transition.

33:10 – She shares strategies on how to remain centred while active on social media, and how to manage trolls and negative comments.

38:50 – Michelle imparts her empowering three-minute advice for women aspiring to become unapologetically visible: face your traumas, declutter your life, and set boundaries

43:07 – We finish the interview with Michelle sharing the three words that describe her, and why she does the work that she does.

You can find Michelle on her website and Instagram

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