Episode 31: Reclaiming your time

Are you familiar with the feeling of wanting to make an impact in the world but wonder how to do that with all the constraints on your time? 

Do you have a constant feeling of being  too busy, too tired, or too drained out to do what you really want? 

This sense of urgency and overwhelm is so prevalent these days….but this podcast is about how to reframe the situation, retell our own story. So I wanted to take this conversation to exploring our relationship to time. 

How is your time distributed? Who actually owns your time right now? How free do you feel to set boundaries on your time (with yourself and with others)

Why is this important to visibility? Well visibility is something that you do for yourself. It is a courageous act of putting yourself out there and for that, you need time and space. 

I hope this episode is the start of a process of reclaiming that most precious asset you have so you can leverage it to make yourself visible on your own terms. 

A lot of love went into this episode

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