Episode 66: How to get promoted like a corporate badass with Stacy Mayer

On this week’s episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Stacy Mayer, an executive coach and promotions strategist. As Chief Corporate Badass, 

Stacy helps executives reposition themselves to advance their careers, build confidence in their problem-solving abilities, and communicate more strategically so their ideas can truly be heard. She is also a best-selling author, and the podcast host of Women Changing Leadership. 

I really enjoyed this conversation where Stacy shared how to approach promotions in the corporate workplace, gain actionable insights, and leverage your expertise to create opportunities for yourself.

04:52 – Stacy explains how she became a promotions strategist, and the connection between energy and action, highlighting the importance of believing in oneself.

10:32 – She shares an example of guiding a client through a conversation to get a promotion, emphasizing the combination of energetic confidence and specific action steps that lead to success.

15:12 – Stacy describes her three-step process on getting a promotion from VP to the C-Suite: how to become strategic in your current role, 3X your vision, and 15 min ally meetings.

31:26 – I ask Stacy about her book Promotions Made Easy, and she how she overcame her writing fears by collecting her book.

35:30 -On mastering the art of asking good questions by being curious about yourself, the person you’re conversing with, the company, and the industry.

41:16 – We discuss how women can leverage their thought leadership now, create assets with their expertise, and unlock opportunities both internally and externally.

44:13 – Stacy shares her advice for women who want to be unapologetically visible: embrace that you are a corporate badass, recognize your potential, and build on your strengths.

Here are the 20 good questions from Stacy Mayer that were mentioned in the interview.

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