Ep. 67 Recovering from burnout by being still with Carrie Severson

In this week’s episode of Speaking with Women, I have the honour of speaking with Carrie Severson. Carrie is the author of Unapologetically Enough, a self-love & burnout recovery expert and speaker. As you might have heard on previous episodes, I had my own experience with burnout and depression, and so this episode with Carrie is close to my heart. She shares her story, how this led to a 8-year journey writing a book, and the lessons learned that she now shares with women to help them avoid burnout. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and that it makes you think about how to create breathing room in your life!

06:14 – Carrie shares her burnout story, reflecting on the pivotal moment that urged her to take a much-needed break

10:06 – We discuss the surprising connection between success and burnout and how to establish non-negotiable boundaries for a healthier lifestyle

12:59 – Carrie opens up about the physical symptoms and signs of burnout and the transformation she underwent to align her organization with her newfound approach to life (

17:26 – Carrie shares her origin story overcoming bullying, and how it led to the creation of her impactful nonprofit, Severson Sisters

21:28 – We explore the link between women’s incessant need for external validation and its correlation with burnout

30:21 – Get valuable strategies for creating breathing room in life, regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur or have a 9-to-5 job

35:13 – How Carrie’s incredible eight-year journey writing Unapologetically Enough fueled her to establish a publishing house for women to share their stories

40:23 – We finish the interview with Carrie’s exciting future projects and her advice for women to be Unapologetically Visible

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