Episode 46: Unmistakably Deliberate: Chelsea O’Meara: AVP Canadian Banking Contact Center TD Bank

On this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Chelsea O’Meara, AVP Canadian Banking Contact Center TD Bank. An organization where she spent the bulk of her 18+ year career in leadership roles building high performing teams and leading complex organizational transformation projects.

Chelsea is also a self-declared obsessive learner who wears the label of Change Nerd with enormous pride and is highly involved in the global Change Community.

I have known Chelsea for many years, and she’s a great friend of mine. She is a deeply empathetic leader who sees you fully, accepts you no questions asked and then does what it takes to make you feel safe enough to show up as your best self. And that is what you will feel transpire in our conversation from the get go. I hope you enjoy the episode, I really enjoyed this conversation.

Chelsea’s Word: Deliberate

04:25 – Chelsea shares memories of her childhood, and how by studying her environment she was always uplifting others and rooting for the underdog

11:05 – She explains the SCARF model (status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness, and fairness) by David Rock, and how she leverages it to understand people and build relationships

15:31 – On the importance of language, and how using different words can entirely change a conversation

28:27 – Chelsea explains her understanding of visibility, and how it requires us to show up unapologetically ourselves

32:49 – I ask her how she manages showing up in front of executives, and what she does to ensure the work gets done

37:26 – Her key takeaways: be certain about your beliefs and know your superpower

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