Episode 36: Introducing the Unmistakable Series

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to a new series that I have been working on – The Unmistakable Series.

As you probably know by now, I am fascinated by women’s stories.

What makes them who they are;

What they’re obsessed with;

What they talk about;

How they show up.

What’s interesting is that we don’t necessarily see these things in ourselves. It’s when we start to dig, that they appear, it’s what I call the red thread. The impact red thread.

My theory is that when we tap into that red thread, well, we can start to craft a life on our own terms.

So with this series, I want us to explore all the facets that a red thread can take when it is actualized in a woman’s life.

What is the impact that a woman can make, that is uniquely hers. The impact that makes her Unmistakable.

This December, you will discover three unmistakable women a week, like a visibility advent calendar of sorts.

This is my Christmas present to you. A gift to help you think about your visibility and to help you see yourself in other women. Women who have made an impact in a way that is so tangible, that is so uniquely about them, that is Unmistakable.

To get some early clues on who some of these women are, listen to the episode 😉

The series launch next week, on Friday December 2nd, 2022. I can’t wait to share these interviews with you!

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