Episode 23: We all need a portfolio career

Future proofing your career

Tell me:

  • How do you think about professional options for yourself? 
  • When it comes to your career, how do you imagine what is possible? 
  • When you do imagine the possibilities, do you feel you need to choose one thing and stick to it?

This week  I am exploring the idea of a portfolio career as a way to future proof your career in a world that is increasingly volatile. break down what why the way we think about our careers today is risky, what a portfolio career actually is and why we shy away from it and finally I discuss how you can start diversifying your career.
Designing your career as a portfolio, meaning you are doing more than one thing and you are making sure it is diversified is a significant shift away from the way most people think of their career. We value consistency, coherence, definition when we think of our professional path. We like to be able to SAY what we are: doctor, engineer, teacher, consultant, plumber. à

And yet, we have so many popular expressions to describe the inherent risk in doing just one thing: – “don’t put all your eggs in the same basket” – “Make sure you have a plan B” – “Make sure you have a contingency plan”

Yet, we take insurance for all the things that are valuable for us. Except our careers.

A portfolio career is a form of insurance for your professional path. It gives you options but more importantly it allows you to gleefully explore all that you are.


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