Welcome to the 2020 Virtual Coffee Tour series

In this intro episode, I talk about the origins of Speaking with Women and the very first series The 2020 Virtual Coffee Tour.
Find out how being locked in during a pandemic made a global conversation possible. 

Hi! My name is Bibigi Haile and I´m the founder of The Beauvoir Group, a career management and personal branding consultancy. I works with women in middle and senior management roles, helping them make bold moves in their lives and careers as they discover the possibilities that come with finding their voice, embracing it and becoming visible on their own terms. 

I´m also and especially the mother of a wise 6-year-old, a third culture kid, a podcast and book nerd and a running enthusiast. 

Hope you enjoy my podcast and please leave a comment or recommend Speaking with Women if you find it valuable.


A lot of love went into this episode

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