Do it, do it and then do it! It's an investment in you, your future and who you really are. Bibigi brings out the best in you - the best has always been there - so working with her means you have someone who sees and supports you in a way that allows you to shine.


You've dedicated decades refining your skills, pursuing advanced degrees, leading, and making impactful decisions. Now, you're at a juncture where you're contemplating what’s next? How can you amplify this vast repository of knowledge?

Yet, despite the expertise, the leap to public visibility can feel overwhelming.

The balance between humility and self-promotion, the uncertainty of visibility platforms especially digital ones, and those ever-present questions: "Am I presenting my value accurately?" "What if no one's interested? What if I'm perceived as 'too much'?"

I am pretty sure you found me because there is something you want. And you must have had an intuition that I believe we should get what we want.
Here is the promise: I will work tirelessly to make sure you do.

Maybe you want to strike that delicate balance between humility and showcasing your achievements without feeling like you're just adding to the noise.

Maybe you want to stop battling with imposter syndrome and questioning your worth despite your extensive experience and credentials.

You want to find your voice on an online platform like LinkedIn, but it feels daunting.

You want to start a podcast, step onto a stage or develop your thought leadership but aren't sure where to begin or how to craft your narrative. 

You need funding and partners for your business, but no one knows who you are. 

You are thinking of taking the leap to start your own business.


Here’s how we can make all those dreams come to life.

Voices & visibility is the answer

That genuinely highlights your expertise and resonates with those you seek to engage and inspire

learn to create content

By delving deeper into your expertise on a secondary platform, further amplifying your industry presence.

embark on a path of thought leadership

Setting it as a pivotal platform on your journey to broader recognition.

master linkedin

That embodies your leadership and vision – a brand so aligned with your expertise and purpose; it doesn’t trigger any feelings of being an impostor

develop a personal brand

So you can identify the core essence of what you are putting out in the world, fine-tune a compelling narrative, and step into spaces exuding both genuine confidence and conviction.

work on the foundations of your value

We spend 5 months together and we 

This is the best investment you can make to tool yourself for a thriving career as this will help you explore in greater details and depth your experience, skill-set and knowledge to then be able to communicate it in a clear and concise way. This also helps develop a robust roadmap of where, how and who you want to attract


(2) BONUS workshops to deep dive into public speaking or podcasting

A community of like-minded women who are charting a similar path.

Dedicated office hours for tailored guidance.

An online platform to experiment, share and be in community.

Weekly 90 minutes coaching sessions that delve deep into mastering visibility.

A comprehensive 4-hour individual strategy session with Bibigi to align your vision.

here is the plan

book a call