Episode 53: What’s love got to do with it – Why self-love is a critical component of visibility

Continuing the February love vibe, on today’s episode I explore the idea of self-love. A term that does not fully capture the feeling of “knowing you have your own back always” or what Kristin Neff calls “Mama Bear Energy” turned inwards. 

I explore why this is such a critical piece of visibility, what concepts I have patched together as I build my own visibility practice and some actionable tips that you can implement to build your own. 

00:04:30 Love yourself fully.
00:06:39 Trust yourself and your body.
00:17:09 Practice self-compassion.
00:22:11 Honor your capacity.
00:26:07 Practice self-observation and compassion.
00:33:02 Practice self-love and awareness.

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