Ep. 75 What writing a book teaches you about yourself with Rachelle Houde Simard

Welcome to this special episode featuring Rachelle Houde Simard, who is returning to our podcast. She was here at the beginning of the podcast, and she appears on Episode 3. This time around, we discuss her journey becoming an author and her new book Sociable (FR).

03:37 – Rachelle shares the inspiration behind her book, drawing from her extensive experience as a community manager to address building a robust organizational culture whether hybrid, remote, or in person.

06:59 – We explore Rachelle’s journey into authorship, starting with blog posts and culminating in a pitch from an editor.

11:02 – Rachelle opens up about facing a hypomanic state while preparing her first table of contents and how transparency with her editor led to a second chance.

13:32 – How Rachelle manages life with bipolar disorder type 2 and the importance of recognizing its symptoms and learning self-management.

17:38 – Rachelle provides insights into the book-writing process, comparing it to the journey of conceiving and birthing a child, from a messy first draft to the final reviewed version.

24:52 – We explore the significant shift in Rachelle’s identity, moving from a strategist in marketing and communications to an author, blending creative and strategic skills while navigating self-promotion and personal branding.

30:41 – We delve into the challenges and risks tied to visibility and the pivotal role of a supportive community in helping individuals feel safer and more resilient.

38:12 – Rachelle’s final advice for women aspiring to become unapologetically visible authors emphasizes the power of embracing personal stories and experiences as integral elements of their message.

You can find Rachelle on LinkedIn and get her book here.

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