Episode 19: Are you ready for your personal branding journey?

Yes, visibility and personal branding are critical to your career, but are you really ready to start your personal branding journey? As you know, I’m Bibi and I am obsessed with unapologetic visibility. Yours and mine.

Let’s ask the question and start the conversation: Are you ready?

No one talks about this, but if you have been thinking about your personal brand, did you ask yourself: Am I ready for this process? Did you take some time to look inward and ask yourself what you needed as conditions of success before you got started? No?

You are not alone.

We audit your readiness.

​I’ve created a cheat sheet with the questions I ask during the episode. You can download it here. That way you can just focus on listening and then do the work for yourself on your own time.

​I believe personal branding is activism and even, dare I say, self-care. So start by checking in with yourself: what do YOU need?

If you want to continue the conversation find me on LinkedIn here or send me an email to unleashed@speakeasy.work or leave your comments on this post. I´ll be happy to read you!

A lot of love went into this episode

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